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Good literature review and a good methodology section. This was an area of weakness in the project. As for the Health Belief Model, I like the new chart. Do I need to get permission for the chart or did you obtain the permission already? Edline

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Capstone Project Documentation Format: Structure and Main Requirements

You could write the best article known to mankind, but if it’s not formatted properly according to the rules and regulations set by your academic institution, you’ll drop marks and score a lower grade than your intellect deserves. Make sure you’re aware of the correct my capstone project documentation format as set by your professors and you’ll reach your full potential for sure. Consider the academic style of your project as laid out here and you can focus on the actual content.

The Proper Format for a Capstone Project Paper

The exact format for a capstone project ideas paper may differ from one college to the next, but there are generally certain rules that are always followed. Even when you’re just starting out with your capstone paper introduction format is an important consideration. Make sure you know precisely what you need to cover in order to write a great project.

There are several reasons why you need to adhere to the prescribed method of laying out your work. One of the main purposes of requiring students to follow a particular approach has to do with seeing whether you can follow instructions properly. The other major reason is far more reasonable in that it’s actually useful: a standardized approach to formatting makes for easy reading. It also helps your readers quickly work out where they can find the information they’re looking for.

The Most Common Major Requirements

Given that there are a number of potential options when it comes to capstone paper introduction format, you should consider the basic requirements that are common to all formatting methods. Once you understand how they’re all broadly similar in the information they display, you can then focus on the differences and what makes these distinguishing points so important.

  • The first part is naturally going to be your abstract statement, which sums up the whole point of your project as well as the findings and any conclusions that can be drawn from them. Although this is inserted at the front of your project write-up, it is typically completed last of all.
  • Your introduction should talk about the background to your chosen topic. It’s here that you need to discuss the existing research that pertains to your set question. You can also talk about what your project intends to find out.
  • The methodology section exists to demonstrate exactly how you went about your investigation, giving further details on an experimental approach, means of data analysis and other densely-packed and incredibly important information. This is the part that should provide any reader with the knowledge to replicate your study or investigation in order to achieve their own results.
  • Your results section should merely state the outcome of your various experiments, questionnaires or whatever else you conducted to gather data on your subject matter. Crucially, this part should not make any attempt at actual analysis of your results. It should only display the results themselves, without speaking about the relevance of applicability of them.
  • The conclusion or discussion section needs to do exactly what you would expect from its name. This is where you are permitted to discuss the significance of your results and relate them to the wider world. You can even talk about the next steps you would take if you were given more time to pursue extra research.
  • Finally, you arrive at the references or bibliography section, which is where formatting gets really interesting. It’s in this particular section that the various formatting styles differ significantly. You need to get this right as your professors may not be able to find your research sources otherwise.

proper capstone project documentation format

The Various Formatting Options Available

While the research structure of your project will be broadly similar to others, regardless of the specific topic in question, you’ll find that you are sometimes given a number of formatting options. Whether you need to know how to write an abstract in APA format for capstone project or you’ve been given an entirely different way of organizing your text, make sure you thoroughly understand what to do. Consider some of the formatting options outlined here.

If you’re studying psychology or one of the various humanitarian sciences, you’ll probably have heard of the APA formatting system. When you’re asked to format a text as part of your studies, it’s almost certainly going to be this set of rules that you’ll use. Start by learning how to write an abstract in APA format for capstone project and then you’ll quickly grasp how to format the rest of your work in this style.

American Psychological Association (APA) style

Although this formatting approach originated in the field of psychology, it is now commonly used throughout the social sciences. As such, you will generally be asked to follow this style if you are studying anything remotely related to this area of scientific inquiry. The typical style for citing journal articles is as follows below.

  • Author, A. A., Author, B. B., & Author, C. C. (Year). Title of article. Title of Periodical, volume number(issue number), pages. http://dx.doi.org/xx.xxx/yyyyy

Modern Language Association (MLA) style

This approach is typically adhered to by the liberal arts and humanities, so if you’re studying in a field encompassed by this umbrella term, you should make sure you know exactly how your project should look. A journal citation recorded in MLA style should look something like the one below.

  • Author(s). “Title of Article.” Title of Journal, Volume, Issue, Year, pages.

The Turabian style

Closely related to the well-known Chicago style, this approach is essentially just an update that is a little more considerate of the needs of student writers. It is generally used in fields related to literature, the arts and humanities. A journal citation in Turabian style should be written as demonstrated by the genuine example below.

  • Bogren, Alexandra. “Gender and Alcohol: The Swedish Press Debate.” Journal of Gender Studies 20, no. 2 (June 2011): 155-69.

The Harvard Citation style

The Harvard style of citation is one that is rather more wordy than some of the others mentioned here and it’s great if you’re trying to pad out your document a little bit. It is similar to other methods in that it employs a parenthetical system, but it has its own quirks that you must consider carefully before formulating your bibliography. The example below shows you how to cite a journal article in the Harvard style.

  • FAMILY/SURNAME, Initials. (Year of publication) Title of article. Title of journal. Volume number. (Part number/month). Page range.

Document Your Findings Diligently

Capstone project documentation format is one of the most important aspects of this entire academic endeavor. Although it may seem trivial to you, the way in which your information is displayed actually has a significant bearing on how well your content is understood and how seriously you are taken as an author. Make sure you’re fully up-to-date with all the latest formatting rules.

Follow all your college’s rules carefully when it comes to your capstone project documentation format. Do what’s expected of you and you’ll get the top grades you deserve.

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