Capstone Project Format Requirements

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There are different formats you can use while writing your project capstone. Each style has its specificity, its own requirements that are needed to be considered. Check out the following and you’ll be familiar with the essentials!

APA Format for Capstone Project

The APA format for capstone project generally specifies a specific title page that uses a certain vocabulary to define the type of degree a student is going out for. A spaced table of contents follows this. After the contents pages, the title of the paper is repeated along with a chapter introduction. There may be a purpose, significance and terms section afterward. Those who do not need to specify terms may proceed with their second chapter and individual subtopic headings. The references page is generally cited in the APA citation format, per the original requirements.

MLA Capstone Project

Those making use of the MLA capstone project format may find it very easy to work with. Like the AMA style, it generally specifies citations in parenthesis. Writing an accounting capstone paper this way is often easier, for perhaps no other reason than it saves the author the need to utilize footnotes. The MLA citation format will probably be used on the references page, and that format is equally easy to work with. It follows, in some manner, the same in-text citation style.

Turabian Style Capstone

Turabian style papers are closely related to those written in a similar Chicago style. They specify extremely rigid margin settings, and generally require all text to be set in Times New Roman or Garamond. This might require medical students to write more in order to fill up the remainder of a page. Illustrations in a capstone project should be listed on a separate page. This page usually goes immediately after the table of contents.

Writing Capstone in Harvard

For those who are used to writing in Turabian, the Harvard style and its simple elegance will certainly be alluring. It uses a parenthetical citation system that mirrors the one used by some other formats. Nevertheless, Harvard tends to be wordier and sometimes stresses the use of terms like “cited in” when borrowing material from a text that previously adapted it from an earlier one. That can sometimes make it appealing to those who need to reach a particular page length before their capstone project can be considered complete.

Chicago Format Capstone Project

It’s tempting to say that the Chicago Manual of Style is identical to the Turabian format. To some degree this is true. However, they are actually individual differences between the two. Chicago style writers are able to use things like part numbers and such that make a citation of preexisting material a lot easier than it might be had they chosen a different format.

AMA Capstone Projects

Medical students will be extremely familiar with the AMA capstone projects style since this is the primary way that they write papers already in many situations. Enumeration tends to be important when you’re working with the AMA style while writing your nursing capstone project, so make sure to practice it a little bit before you start your paper. Few other styles make such a big deal about using numbered lists. The stylebook that the AMA format takes cues from makes a few other specific definitions as well. It may be helpful to keep a little reference on hand in order to ensure that you’re not missing any of the specifics that this very particular format has a tendency to require.

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