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Fabulous Ideas for Interior Design Capstone Project

The interior design capstone project offers a different aspect from other courses, as it involves making walls, furniture and art come alive. The capstone project for interior design is course is created to provide graduates with the opportunity to become more successful in their chosen line of work and future careers. Experiencing the capstone interior design coursework builds a better foundation because it is based on real-life hands-on experience.

interior design capstone projectCapstone Interior Design Goals and Objectives:

  1. To make students independent via capstone projects
  2. To makes students resourceful problem solvers
  3. To makes students respectable co-workers and leaders who exemplify high standards of professionalism
  4. To equip students with all the possible skills in design excellence
  5. To make students more creative by instilling appropriate understanding of issues related to culture and the environment.
  6. To make students more responsible in inherent designs appropriate to social, cultural and technological environments.

The interior design courses inspire students to be curious and explore the different creative stages of the course work. It was developed to be more functional and technical so that students can make the relevant connection of the course with other courses. Instruction for design courses are done by using model building, digital methods and hand drawing; giving them various opportunities to create a comprehensive and marketable portfolio package.

The capstone design program introduces different building designs appropriate for residential structures, corporate and business offices, etc. synonymous to actual professional work; students are subjected to work across various disciplines of designs which will cultivate their proper understanding of various design processes.

capstone interior design10 Topics for Capstone Interior Design

  • Awareness of Sustainable Principles and Social Responsibilities
  • Facilitate Design Study Abroad Programs
  • Interior Design Education for Diverse Backgrounds
  • Creative Interior Design Expressions
  • Global Aspects on Modern Designs
  • Ethnic Designs and It Relationship to Culture
  • Practical and Sedate Artistic Design Applications
  • Effect of Design in Various Topologies
  • Highlights of Interior Decoration in Small Spaces
  • Upcoming and New Design Trends

The interior design capstone project likewise incorporates community service where students are required to work in partnership with real-world clients. This particular experience incorporates the capstone interior design learning process as a service to the underprivileged giving the entire process a different angle in learning process. The capstone project for interior design opens doors for actual internships with design firms that give students the opportunity for better employment acceptance rates after graduation. This can also lead to interior design and study abroad courses.

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