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Good literature review and a good methodology section. This was an area of weakness in the project. As for the Health Belief Model, I like the new chart. Do I need to get permission for the chart or did you obtain the permission already? Edline

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MSN Personal Statement Writing Tips and Tricks

The Importance of Your MSN Personal Statement

msn personal statementPlaces on any Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) program are going to be limited and you are going to have to ensure that your application is very capable of making you stand out if you really want to win that place. But most of the other applicants are going to be equally as well qualified and experienced as you are so you are going to have to find something through which you can blow your own trumpet. This opportunity is provided through your MSN statement of purpose or personal statement. If well written this MSN personal statement is capable of swinging any decision firmly in your favor. Writing your personal statement however is not easy but our simple tips and hints can help.

What Should You Write About Within Your MSN Personal Statement?

Your MSN personal statement will not be too dissimilar to the nurse practitioner personal statement however you need to ensure that it is more specific to the MSN and presented at a relevant level to studies at masters degree level. Your MSN personal statement needs to cover;

  • Why it is that you want to follow the MSN program, what is it that makes you want to push your career in this direction? How have you already taken steps in this direction?
  • How is the MSN a vital part of your career planning? Where do you see your career in 5 years after you have completed the degree?
  • Specifically show why you want to study the MSN through them.
  • Demonstrate using clear examples that you have all of the required skills to complete their program.

How to Write Your MSN Personal Statement

Writing the perfect MSN personal statement is far from simple. Even if you cover everything that they are looking to know and you have every skill and qualification that they request the quality of your writing can hugely affect their perception. This is why great care must be taken over every aspect of your writing to ensure that your personal statement can truly grab the reader’s attention. The following tips for writing will help;

  • Always open with a hook; an attention grabbing quotation, fact or anecdote that will get the reader’s attention right from those opening lines.
  • Provide a clear logical flow throughout your statement so that you draw the reader through what you have written.
  • Write using language that is going to be understood; don’t try to use clever words, avoid slang, work place terminology and acronyms.
  • Don’t rewrite other parts of your application such as your resume, also never make obvious statements or use clichés.
  • Write in a concise manner and ensure that everything that you write is relevant to what you are trying to achieve.
  • Write about you; this is a personal statement and must be about your personal experiences and goals.
  • Carefully proofread and edit what you write to ensure that it reads perfectly without any errors.

We Can Write Your MSN Personal Statement

As a professional nursing application writing service we are perfectly qualified and experienced to write or edit your MSN personal statement. We use only the very best writers and editors and all work is carefully proofread and checked fully for plagiarism.

So if you want a well-written attention grabbing MSN personal statement that is fully covered by our money back guarantee just contact our experts here today.

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