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Picking the Right Topic for Your Emergency Department Capstone Paper

Good Capstone Project Emergency Department Needs Is Important!

Registered nurses working in ER earn on average around $68,450. This can be a demanding yet highly rewarding line of work helping to treat patients that are often in painful or life-threatening situations that require immediate attention. Whether seeking RN, DNP or BSN capstone project ideas or studying to gain a certain degree you will be expected to write an emergency department capstone paper.

emergency department capstone paper help

Your capstone paper will often be the culminating piece of work for your course and may need to be passed if you are to graduate. Selecting the right emergency room nursing research topics or clinical nursing capstone topics is very important if you are to be able to complete your research and write a successful paper. However, finding the right BSN capstone project ideas is not always an easy task and can often frustrate many students.

Our specialist services fully understand the challenges that you face. We offer support throughout your capstone project with all aspects from choosing hot topics in emergency nursing through to writing that all-important paper. Our specialist services will be able to help you to get the results that you need from your independent research

What Topics Should be Avoided for Emergency Department Capstone Papers

Selecting the right topic is vital for making your nursing capstone project emergency department a success. Choose the wrong topic and you could find yourself unable to complete your research or have a project that simply will not get you the grades that you need.

nursing capstone project emergency department

The following must be carefully avoided when you select your emergency room nursing research topics:

  • Irrelevant topics: if the topic is not of value to your field and no one is interested in it then it will simply not make a good project.
  • Beyond your resources: you only have a limited amount of time in which you will conduct your research as well as other resources. Choosing a topic that requires large amounts of money to be spent, equipment that is not available or simply too long to conduct is a big mistake.
  • Not unique: selecting an issue that has already been resolved or researched many times is not going to result in a paper that is any way original.
  • Not focused: if you fail to provide a well-defined topic for your research then you could easily spend your time going around in circles and achieving nothing of value.

Picking the Right Topics for Your Capstone Paper

Knowing where to start when selecting your research topics is not easy. Often the best place to start will be by simply reviewing the papers that you have already written and identifying any issues that you may have already touched on and may want to solve. Another is to look at research that has been written around subjects that interest you or that are relevant to your future working goals.

Alternatively, you may want to look at our list of 20 emergency department capstone project ideas as they may trigger  an idea that may be right for you:

  1. Terrorist attacks and disasters; how can nurses improve personal preparedness
  2. Improving the odds for a drowning victim
  3. Reducing violence in the ER
  4. How to improve rural access to emergency care
  5. Improving patient flow
  6. Should the family be allowed to remain for resuscitation
  7. Effects of tasers on cardiac disorders
  8. Identification of sepsis
  9. Pediatric trauma and shock
  10. Best strategies for overcoming pepper spray exposure
  11. Alcohol and drug screening for adolescent patients
  12. Triage and psychiatric screening improvements
  13. Handling pediatric fall victims
  14. Administration of medicines nasally
  15. Improving patient behavior
  16. Improving care for staff after the unexpected death of a child
  17. Recognition of water intoxication in children
  18. Identification and treatment of abused women
  19. Dealing with “human trafficking” in HR
  20. Dealing with miscarriage

emergency room nursing research topics

How to Write Your Perfect Emergency Department Capstone Paper

Once you have selected your topic areas you will still have a huge amount of work to undertake if you want your paper to get results. The following guidance will help you with your writing:

  • Always ensure that you fully understand the requirements for your paper. How many pages are required, deadlines, format and structure? If there are any issues clarify them before you start work with your supervisor.
  • Make a plan: nothing will happen smoothly without a plan so it is always best to sketch out when you will undertake each step of your research and writing. Have clear deadlines and stick to them.
  • Outline the paper: this will help you to fully understand just what needs to be covered within each part of your paper. It will make writing easier, prevent rewriting, and highlight any issues sooner.
  • Do your literature research using reliable sources: using only Google is not the best way to undertake your research, use your library to access literary works and journals also.
  • Edit and proofread: one of the main things they will be looking for within your paper is your ability to communicate. So, ensure that your writing flows well, is unambiguous, and contains no errors.

We Can Help with Writing Your Capstone Paper for Emergency Nursing

If you want a paper that will reflect your arguments perfectly then our experts will help. We offer skilled support with all of your projects from selecting topic areas and data collection through to editing and writing your paper. Our experts are degree qualified nursing experts with many years of experience helping students in emergency medicine.

They will support you with uniquely written work that is undertaken as per your instructions. We never use copying or rewriting to generate your work. Your paper will be on time, proofread by experts, and delivered with a plagiarism report to show that it is all your own work.

Make your emergency department capstone paper shine with our professional and reliable help to select your research topics and write a final paper that you can be proud of!