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Capstone Project for Information Technology

This course gives an overview of the topics covered in the Information Technology Capstone Project. It gives students comprehensive information regarding design, concepts and basic principles and the proper blending of cost, time, scope and performance. Techniques and methods employed in the capstone project for information technology shall likewise be discussed. Students are required to complete capstone projects for information technology in order to strengthen course theories that were taken.

The prerequisite in order to enroll for the course is a “C” average for the past semester.

information technology capstone projectInformation Technology Capstone Project: Objectives of Information Technology Courses

  1. To educate students in the identification of users information technology requirements.
  2. To educate students in analyzing user needs to be able to provide an information technology based solution.
  3. To inform students about current and modern technology that would serve as the foundation to evaluate information technology applications which will deal with company and individual needs.
  4. To train students in working with a team to build and apply information technology based solutions.
  5. To further cultivate the students’ ability in using modern computing skills and methods that has practical applications.

Students are expected to develop the following upon this course’s completion:

  • Able to discuss the principles taken in analysis and design.
  • Able to distinguish the connection between scope, time, cost and performance for a given project.
  • Present and fully discuss the different segments of a project.
  • Device and apply an IT project relevant to their specialization.
  • Implement project management tools and procedures.
  • Knowledgeable in issues related to information technology.
  • Able to utilize the various principles, concepts and techniques acquired to provide a relevant explanation on issues regarding information technology.

capstone projects for information technologyTen Topics and Titles that You Can Use for Capstone Projects for Information Technology

  1. Corrosion Analysis Automation
  2. Evaluating Tools for Unstructured Data Mining
  3. Spatial Analysis System for Uniform Crime Report Data
  4. Designing a Search mechanism for Debt Collection
  5. Financial Services Gaming Simulation
  6. Medical Research Data Storage and Analysis System
  7. Programming of highway and Transit Construction with Business Process Modeling
  8. Web-based Crime Analysis Toolkit (WebCAT)
  9. At First Responder Tool for Hazardous Material Response
  10. Automated Call Center Analysis and Modeling

The capstone project for information technology allows the student to amass the practical and theoretical knowledge gained during the entire course of study. As such the capstone projects for information technology provides the hands-on experience every student must have to be able to put knowledge into actual and practical use; where the main objective is to serve the potential information technology capstone project requirements of individuals and organizations.

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