Mechanical Engineering Capstone Project Ideas

The mechanical engineering capstone project ideas involve the description of a design problem, performing research and design, and presenting the end results. This also involves the generation of a feasibility study that involves proto-type fabrication and testing. Students are given the opportunity to submit proposal related to capstone project for mechanical engineering. As an alternative, students who chose not to submit a proposal on mechanical engineering capstone projects can choose from available pre-approved projects at the start of the term.

The selection of projects may include competition-based projects (example: race cars), industry inspired projects (example: water treatment systems) and topically specialized products (example: fuel cell). Students in their senior year are required to complete the course. Undergraduate students can apply up to $3000 worth of project materials including equipment that is relevant to their capstone project. All projects must be a concerted team effort. Each team shall have three to five student members. Check our guidelines in writing a concept paper here!

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Mechanical Engineering Capstone Projects Provide Students with the Opportunity To

  • Exhibit good judgment
  • Develop their abilities to resolve modern design problems
  • Improve team work
  • Perform creative planning
  • Experience fundamental reporting and communication which includes project reports, design reviews and project plans

Upon completion of the program, students are expected to:

  • Acquire the necessary skills and traits to work as part of a team
  • Have the proficiency to solve a challenging design problem within a regulated budget
  • Demonstrate creative thinking by making practical designs
  • Forecast risk and liability based on design
  • Be aware and knowledgeable about ethical issues that may arise such as the impact of a project or design on society and the environment
  • Be able to make an adequate forecast of cost and expenses related to project designs

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10 Topics/Titles for Capstone Project for Mechanical Engineering

  • Hydrolysis Energy Storage Plant
  • Hydro Flask Temperature Control and Regulation Project
  • Hatfield Marine Science Center Pumping Station
  • Obdi Human Machine Interface
  • Designing for Micro Businesses
  • Hydrokenetic energy Harvester
  • Climate Change Simulator for Cavity Nesting Birds
  • Autonomous Load Leveling of an Off-Road suspension
  • Active Gantry Crane for DRL
  • Sample Return Robot Challenge Arm and Sample Storage

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By engaging in capstone project for mechanical engineering students will learn to assess design problems, which includes project deliverables and other functional requirements. The project usually involves mechanical engineering capstone project ideas that are industry-inspired. Since all mechanical engineering capstone project involve quantitative analysis students are advised to communicate regularly with tenured faculty members who work with teams.

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