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Nursing Capstone Project

Nursing is a promising field, and has a lot of potential. A lot of people around the world are involved in nursing, helping a lot of patients and families. If you are finishing your nursing school, nursing capstone project is a must. You might face problems with nursing capstone project ideas and writing the project. You can take help from your teachers and seniors. But, sometimes problems are more complicated. We are here to help you. Our team of experts can write your capstone project, right from the beginning. Discuss your topic with us and rest is our job. We will fulfill all the requirements of your project and make it perfect. If you have written the project yourself, you can contact us for editing, proofreading, and paraphrasing. Our experts can make your project error free and ready for submission.

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How to Write a Successful Capstone Project – Few Tips

  • Unique topic: Select a unique topic, don’t copy the project of a senior, it will be rejected. Topic should be unique but it should be attainable as well.
  • Clear objectives: You should be very clear about the objects, which you want to get after the completion of the topic, it will help you to be specific.
  • Mange resources: Consider your academic resources, which can help you in the completion of your project. Proper utilization of resources is important in writing a successful project.
  • Communication: It is very important to communicate with your mentor. Keep him updated and seek his guidance at every step.
  • Plan: If you want your capstone project to be a success, plan in advance. Proper planning is the key to success.
  • Time management: Manage your time, otherwise you will not be able to complete the project in time.


Professional Nursing Capstone Project Sample

Capstone Project in Nursing


The essence of consistent assignment occurs when people are cared for by the same caregivers like nurses or personally assigned medical practitioners. Through regular assignment, the quality has been shown to increase caregivers familiarity with the residents meant to strengthen relationships between caregivers and their family members. Familiarity is a good concept where it provides a platform where patients do not have to re-introduce themselves each new time to a new caregiver. The purpose of a consistent assignment is allowing staff to respond to residents more quickly and promptly through confidence since they know the residents. When it comes to the intimate aspects of the caregivers, residents are more comfortable since they are comfortable with the caregivers. The consistent assignment will lead to stronger relationships with caregivers and increased participation between residents and caregivers. The subject of this essay has a regular caregiver assignment increases the results in improved quality of care. The direction of the essay is initially identifying the stakeholders while discussing stakeholder’s interest, power and influence related to the project. The stakeholders identified include Patients, Family, Staff, Chief Nurse and Physicians.

Evidence Summary

There are different ways to promote the relationship between caregivers and their patients. According to the authors (Dall’Oglio et al., 2015), there is the engagement of imagination where they promote a more positive mood. Such engagement is crucial and happens through mental imagery. The researcher Taylor, (2015) agrees that evoking mental imagery has a more powerful impact on various emotions as opposed to verbal language. Whether it is through picture word cues, negative imagery is slowly erased through such positive signals where there is a unique emotional picture according to the authors Groch et al., (2016). The authors Pictet et al., (2011) also tend to agree that generating mental imagery is a broad endeavor where the focus is on ensuring positive imagery. Research supports that individuals with wretchedness carelessness to advantage by the quick lift gave by bringing out the past and future enduring individual events. Two or three structures may add to this effect. Concerning mental imagery, this nonappearance of well-invigorated response might be cleared up by three trademark bits of depressiveness.

In any case, weakening has been transmitted an impression of being associated with a deficiency in going on positive imagery about what’s to come according to Edorisiagbon, (2015). Second, a disservice is depicted by rumination which is inconceivably verbal in nature. The oral get planned of useful information can have the befuddling effect of moving perspective instead of upgrading it. Finally, debilitated individuals tend to audit gigantic individual events from a passerby rather than a field perspective. Imagining positive circumstances from a passerby perspective has been seemed to lower perspective, conceivably as an eventual outcome of an unfavorable relationship with saw reality. For each one of these reasons, we have proposed the utility of driving positive future-supported, field perspective, mental imagery for redesigning negative emotions.

The essay will also observe the proposed implementation that includes:

  1. Plan of action

A plan of action is crucial since it details the scheduled activities of a draft plan in a nursing platform. A plan of action will involve any risks that may be present when carrying out the nursing healthcare activities.

  1. Timeline

The proposed schedule will mainly be determined by the type of ailments found in an individual. For example, a proposed concept timeline is between 3 months and six months where there is analysis of proposed change theory.

  1. Needed resources and personnel

The needed resources to execute such a proposed plan is dependent on the financial capability of mainly family members who look after the patients. Caregivers and health practitioners are the prominent people necessary and essential personnel needed.

  1. Proposed Change theory

The paper will use the Lewin’s change theory to help develop a framework relevant to an evidence-based project. The method will use the concept of guidelines among the stakeholders for stakeholder interactions related to the proposed implementation plan. Change is good and implementing it requires an appropriate change theory.

  1. Barriers to implementation

Lack of resources is one of the biggest hindrances to implementing changes when aiming to have a consistent assignment where there is an increased quality of care. Lack of dedication is also such a significant obstacle when proposing to implement a draft plan.


Patients are always concerned about the type of caregivers with whom they will be assigned to during their ailment days. Caregivers are deemed to be one of the closest people mainly during treatment. Family members are expected to be one of the biggest supporters of the initiative apart from providing the financial support. However, the family is among the most prominent supporters of both patients and their caregivers. Staff and Chief Nurses are some of the most prominent stakeholders when deciding on the way forward between caregivers and their patients. Such is due to the most significant responsibility going to the staff and chief nurses not counting physicians. Power and interest around influence are the backbones of each project aims to ensure planned activities between caregivers and patients are fulfilled.


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