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senior capstone project help

A senior capstone project is academic writing on a topic chosen by the student, where research and intensive writing are done under close supervision of a professor or mentor. Critical thinking and higher level of research and writing skills are necessary to complete a senior capstone paper which usually consists of 50 pages or more depending on the requirements. In order to call your nursing capstone writing a success, it should display coherent writing with effective analysis.

Getting Senior Capstone Project Ideas

When writing a senior capstone project, it is important that you research first on different senior capstone ideas to get inspiration from. This won’t be too difficult since there are already existing senior capstone projects that you can peruse in your own college or university. Using these existing projects as your guide, you can already formulate a topic in your mind and come up with a plan on how to execute the research and writing part.

Top 10 Topics for Senior Capstone Paper

  • What place does religion having a modern society?
  • Should the Internet be censored by governments?
  • Is it ever right to break the law?
  • What would the world be like today without the Internet?
  • How would legalizing drugs affect crime or health?
  • How will the ever increasing population of the planet affect the future?
  • Should smoking ever be criminalized?
  • Should women be treated entirely equally in sports?
  • How confidential should a person’s medical records be?
  • What effect has modern technology had on intelligence and learning?

Check here the ideas for capstone technology!

Help with Your Senior Capstone Paper

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best senior capstone project ideas

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